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In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Marigold and Supparetreat have collaborated to help empower women and set them on a journey of self-discovery with Marigold Yogurt Reflection Challenge. This is your chance to transform yourself and win wellness treatments worth up to RM1000! Just follow these steps and you’ll be in the running to win.

Step 1:
Follow @marigoldyogurtmalaysia and @supparetreat on Facebook and Instagram.

Step 2:
Watch the Reflection videos by Sarah Lian, Hannah Lo & Rachel Kwacz, then download the questionnaire from and answer 1 out of the 30 reflection questions.

Step 3:
Post a video answering the question on your public Facebook or Instagram page with the hashtag #MGYogurtReflectionChallenge and #FindingYourHappy.

Step 4:
Tag @marigoldyogurtmalaysia, @supparetreat and 3 friends on the post and invite them to join you.

The best answers will be selected, and all winners will be announced on Facebook. Good luck! #MarigoldYogurtMY

T&C apply.

Download our 30 days reflection kit below and get started on your journey


What We Believe

At Marigold Yogurt, we envision a world where every woman discovers her deepest happiness. Where whatever she desires is within her reach because there’s no limit on what she can achieve. We believe this journey to Finding Your Happy starts when she takes time to look within.

As each journey can seem daunting, we're happy to get every woman started on the journey by asking themselves the right questions in life. We’ve partnered with experts in the fields of personal development, health and wellness to create resources that help women identify and overcome the challenges they face on this journey of self-discovery.

Our mission is to ensure that the next generation of women have the power to transform themselves to realise their full potential.


Meet Two Women Who Have Started on their Journey of Self Discovery.

We sent two women to Supparetreat Lift to see what happened when they took the time to look within. This is their story.
Nydeaa has childhood trauma from changes within her family, although as an adult she understands what had happened, she connects with herself again and acknowledges that circumstances are sometimes out of her control. She rediscovers her happiness by listening to stories and shares what it means to be an inspiration to others.
Saunthary has been dealing with social anxiety for a number of years, it began in medical school where she was away from her family and has found it crippling in social settings, in her own journey she has discovered what it means to be herself and not apologizing for it.

Supparetreat LIFT

In our first partnership with Supparetreat, we were able to connect with women on a deeper level. An escape to Bukit Tinggi, was the idyllic location for a mini-retreat for all of us. The lifestyle coaches Freda Liu, Hannah Lo and Julina Halim shared with us about unblocking obstacles and learning how to heal yourself through mind body and soul. By the end of the retreat, strangers were now friends and memories etched in our hearts for years to come. Here are a few moments shared on that day.
This is the first retreat that I don't feel I have to suppress myself to be me and most of all, I felt safe and it has enriched me in the important aspects of my life. I look forward to many more pearls of wisdom that you will be sharing.
I had sparkly moments in getting to know my very self deeper. To not ignore the needs of my innermost. I had slowly broken down the walls that I had built over the longest time. Slowly coming out of the imprisonment life to become the sweet candyfloss in my life.
You end up just acknowledging who you are, the hardships you go through, you acknowledge that your journey is important and you really just want to be a better version of yourself.

Supparetreat SOAR

In our second partnership with Supparetreat, we wanted to help women continue their journey in a way that would encourage them to start building the vision they had for themselves and soar to the next year and decade even. Hosted as an urban retreat, in the neighbourhood of Taman Seputeh, our lifestyle coaches Freda Liu, Asha Gill, Jashida Kamal and Julina Halim shared an essential toolkit that each woman would be equipped to connect deeply in all areas of their lives. Breakdowns became breakthroughs and this became a truly unforgettable weekend to remember. Here are a few moments shared on that day.
I have gained so much more than I could imagine. I laughed, cried, healed and now I’m dreaming bigger. I’m glad I showed up with an open mind and everyone is genuine and supportive. Just so much love!
The Lifestyle Coaches really helped me open my mind, made me think through things and gave me the tools and measures to set my goals in a more actionable way. It’s really enlightening to discover how one part of your life can have so much effect on all other parts of your life.
These retreats are what every woman needs because we carry so much in our lives and we need somewhere that feels safe so we can work towards leaving them behind and start living the life we deserve. My goals are clearer, the mind is focused and my heart is full.

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Kickstart Your Journey Today

Answer one question everyday over 30 days and see how your perspective changes. These cards dig deep to help you get closer to #FindingYourHappy. Download our 30-day Reflection Kit and get started on your journey.

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